evil disposition

See: malice
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It shows an evil disposition to take advantage of a friend in distress.
Her mother has insinuated that her temper is intractable, but I never saw a face less indicative of any evil disposition than hers; and from what I can see of the behaviour of each to the other, the invariable severity of Lady Susan and the silent dejection of Frederica, I am led to believe as heretofore that the former has no real love for her daughter, and has never done her justice or treated her affectionately.
werewolves are of evil disposition, having assumed a bestial form to
My master, perceiving that she would not take his word for her uncle-in-law's evil disposition, gave a hasty sketch of his conduct to Isabella, and the manner in which Wuthering Heights became his property.
You overwhelm me," said the young woman suddenly, as if collecting her whole strength, like a wrestler preparing for a last struggle; "you take only my evil dispositions and my weaknesses into calculation, and do not speak of my pure and generous feelings.
Sin, death and hell have set their marks on him," Shakespeare wrote in his Richard III, then describing him as a hunchback with a twisted spine and an evil disposition and forging a common perception that he had plotted and schemed his way to the throne.
Nicholas Culpeper, the famous seventeenth-century herbalist, described it as "good for those who have an evil disposition.
And I'm speaking of a 12-year-old boy, not some grown-up who has had the time to ripen a naturally evil disposition.
For Thomas, the notion that humans are evil by nature, which derives from a Kantian conception of persons, is essentially wrong, as indeed are the standard concepts of types of evil disposition.
In achieving a lasting and sustainable peace in our land and help us move to our goals of development, we have sought to follow the teachings of the Sakyamuni Sammasambuddha that showed the path to free us from the four evil dispositions of desire, hatred, fear and ignorance.