evil fame

See: infamy
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This was no calumny, and yet I remember well, somewhere far back in the late seventies, that the crew of that ship were, if anything, rather proud of her evil fame, as if they had been an utterly corrupt lot of desperadoes glorying in their association with an atrocious creature.
Gascoigne was a ruined politician, a man of evil fame, or at least had been so till time had buried him from the knowledge of the present generation, and made him obscure instead of infamous.
Now I regard this as a fair challenge, and I will endeavour to explain to you the reason why I am called wise and have such an evil fame.
Their hunt led them northwards and over the border at Carter Bar, the 'Reidswire' of evil fame.
Anderson, of Resident Evil fame, is another) who likes to keep the action going, like a colour in his palette -- the colour red, for the most part -- while also speckling the canvas with ruminative moments and zany humour.
TheBIG But director Paul WS Anderson of Resident Evil fame doesn't waste time in getting to the main act - Mt Vesuvius blowing its top.
The Evil Within" is being developed by Tango Gameworks, with Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame at the helm as director.
MADE by Japanese company Capcom, of Resident Evil fame - hence the idiotic name - you play superbabe Vanessa Z Schneider who, in a similar plot to Metroid Prime, has a bells-and-whistles combat suit and must shoot her way through various missions.
In the factory-based series, written by Paul Abbot of Cracker, Reckless and Touching Evil fame, Eccleston plays Jim Calvert a shift-working airport employee who spends his life directing jumbo jets at Manchester Airport.