evil intent

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
My hearers may have been young men, or well off; certainly they cannot have been laughing with evil intent at what I had said.
The adjutant, also, had evidently had no evil intent though he might have refrained from coming in.
He was not conducting himself as an ordinary black, not on evil intent, should conduct himself.
The heathen are abroad in goodly numbers," said David; "and, I fear, with evil intent.
But if he had put his rifle to his shoulder with evil intent God would have punished him for it; and even if the Lord didn’t, and he had missed his aim, I know one that would have given him as good as he sent, and better too, if good shooting could come into the ‘count.
Nor did it matter that ignorance rather than evil intent had been the cause of their failure.
2 Novelist Daphne Du Maurier's grandfather, George, wrote the novel Trilby, which introduced which rogue whose name has come to refer to a person who, with evil intent, dominates, manipulates, and controls another?
The law of karma will operate, especially to those with evil intent," he said.
During the ceremony, Rev Qadir said the congregation also remembered to pray for people trapped in the crossfire, and those who are victimised by people with evil intent particularly in the southwestern city of Quetta in Pakistan.
Written as a prequel to his earlier books 'Dragons in the Sky' and 'Shattered Truths', this is a supernatural tale following the adventures of 11-year-old Danny Forbes and his grandfather, whose top-secret military past holds the key to defending the world from an evil intent on resurrecting itself from the ashes of the Second World War.
However, there are others who see a person In a wheelchair as an easy opportunity to rob or whatever other evil intent they may have in mind.