evil intent

See: malice
References in classic literature ?
My hearers may have been young men, or well off; certainly they cannot have been laughing with evil intent at what I had said.
The adjutant, also, had evidently had no evil intent though he might have refrained from coming in.
He was not conducting himself as an ordinary black, not on evil intent, should conduct himself.
"The heathen are abroad in goodly numbers," said David; "and, I fear, with evil intent. There has been much howling and ungodly revelry, together with such sounds as it is profanity to utter, in their habitations within the past hour, so much so, in truth, that I have fled to the Delawares in search of peace."
But if he had put his rifle to his shoulder with evil intent God would have punished him for it; and even if the Lord didn’t, and he had missed his aim, I know one that would have given him as good as he sent, and better too, if good shooting could come into the ‘count.” By this time the old hunter was ready for his business, and throwing his right leg far behind him, and stretching his left arm along the barrel of his piece, he raised it toward the bird, Every eye glanced rapidly from the marks man to the mark; but at the moment when each ear was expecting the report of the rifle, they were disappointed by the ticking sound of the flint.
Nor did it matter that ignorance rather than evil intent had been the cause of their failure.
So many different organization, good and evil intent, want that database.
It's about saying thank you to those people who through no fault or evil intent lost their lives or suffered injury to protect us from those who would do us harm.
He said the fact that 37-year-old Mackie had been angry did not mean he had evil intent.
They need to understand the severe consequences of their evil intent.
Initial investigation of charges involving barangay officials showed some of them "had no evil intent to misuse funds," Elman said, "but they lacked knowledge of the provisions of the law." He cited auditing rules and procedures.
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