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PM Erdogan said evil-minded acts would never get a good response from Turkey.
In conclusion, we turn to our state leaders, institutions, and authorities, to all evil-minded people, to all Islamophobes, to all attackers a do you think that we love Bulgaria less than you?
We have intensified security that will make it difficult for these evil-minded people to attack polling stations.
But we do not want to reveal any thing about our meeting right now, as there are many evil-minded people who are trying to spread discord over the issue," said Mahant Gyandas.
Unfortunately, in the end, it is the evil-minded Rigoletto who will win out.
None of these weapons injure people on their own, that can only be done by an evil-minded individual.
We have in our society an element of evil-minded beings who have within them the capability to bully anyone they see as vulnerable, and they and their parents must be aware of the brutality within their offspring and should be downright ashamed of themselves.
One anonymous pupil commented: "My teacher is an evil-minded head case, nemesis style.
Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers.
As far as I'm concerned there's a lot of evil-minded people out there determined to destroy, at any cost, any tradition in art.