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More generally, the actions of evildoers are often inexplicable, unsupported by the kind of reason that is embedded in the logic of means and ends, and, thus, assume the appearance of gratuitous destruction--of violence for the sake of violence that does not spare the actors themselves.
The unifying factor among the Jewish leaders, the Roman soldiers, and the first evildoer is that they are challenging Jesus' power and authority by taunting him to come down from the cross.
To a moralist, drug companies are definitely evildoers.
Evildoers have infiltrated the very heart of our country's defenses and are trying to frighten us into abandoning the principles on which we have built our strength.
Note also that at psalm's end it is the evildoer's way that will be lost or perish, not the evildoer in person.
In "Stay Tuned for Danger," TV's hottest star is receiving frightening threats, and it's up to Nancy to go undercover to expose the evildoer.
The Greek poet Hesiod portrayed her as an evildoer, easily stirred up but impossible to quell.
Expression of Interest Preparation Of Main Designs For Heavy Maintenance road Rehabilitation upgrading Of The State Road Ib 29 Lot 1 Section tavalj Suica L9015 Km And Lot 2 Section Suica Evildoer L26700 Km
Ambitious evildoer Cypher is trying to launch the Overlord Protocol, a computer AI (artificial intelligence) that can help him conquer the world.
Other letters, headed "dear ignoramus", contained definitions of various words - such as gutless, evil, evildoer and torture - taken from Kirk's dictionary.
Further, Jesus taught his followers: "Do not resist an evildoer.