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Armed with such awareness, we might be better positioned to oppugn instances of evildoing in our shared world.
Jonah 3:2) This is similar to God's first set of instructions to Jonah, which reads, "Get up, go to Nineveh, the great city, and proclaim to it because their evildoing has gone up before Me.
Thomas Aquinas, for example, believed that the natural law required everyone to speak the truth, to act justly, and to confess their evildoing to others.
Fourth, it plays a vital pedagogical role in publicly reaffirming the principle that decency ought to be rewarded and held up for emulation, and that evildoing is reprehensible and ought to be punished.
Carrere's account ratifies Hannah Arendt's speculation that "the activity of thinking as such" could be "among the conditions that make men abstain from evildoing," a "hypothesis enforced by everything we know about conscience, namely, that a 'good conscience' is enjoyed as a rule only by really bad people .
The last six months has seen Microsoft start to get serious about security, privacy and the general reduction of evildoing on the Internet.
It is a scene of human evildoing, the way of the demonic Ashura, as seen by a Buddha in tears.
In his reconstruction of the relationship between structure, history, and material culture in Beqa, Crosby (1988b) suggests that the italanoa of firewalking served the purpose of accommodating the evolution of Beqan culture, from an age of gods to an age when men and gods mingled freely, where the gift of vilavilairevo does not involve the negotiation of any evil power and it is not the result of evildoing.
The Arabs must take advantage of the global condemnation of Israel's evildoing by pushing for peace, not a showdown, another European official said, Abu Nasr added.
John with their wives and daughters carrying lighted candles, but as it frequently happened that girls who were virgins would be violated and that there was much opportunity for evildoing, the vigils were turned to fasts.
In Deuteronomy, the idea is that evildoing sows contamination among the people, such that the maintenance of covenantal integrity requires purging the evildoer from the community.
We seek refuge with the Lord of our bad and evildoing.