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Man-made disasters often occur as a result of human error, intentional evildoing or due to malfunction of a system designed by man.
Moving from character to character, the loosely plotted story includes a good deal of mean-spirited evildoing, quite in the tradition of Balzac and the naturalists.
In Crito 49cl0-e3, Socrates announces his absolutist prohibition of evildoing.
A spiritual idiom of power and evildoing constitutes an alternative articulation of sovereignty due to the capacity of invisible forces to give and take life.
Allah Almighty, prompts Muslims to do good deeds and attracts them with His blessings and rewards for the virtuous and pious acts such as supplementary prayers, Zakat, (tax imposed on the rich for the benefit of the underprivileged), charity, kindness to others and the underprivileged, abstinence from evildoing, feeding the hungry and the fasting, cladding the unclothed, caring for the orphans, treating or financing the sick, telling the truth, hosting a guest or traveler, smiling to others, or even saying a kind word.
On May 28, when Maleficent opens across the Philippines, the work of the designers and artists will be showcased on-screen and audiences will be swept away to another place and time by the beauty and style of Maleficent, whose evildoing is sure to lead another generation to appreciate the art of villainy as only Angelina Jolie can bring.
His evildoing takes the more mundane form of skulking around in the shadows, delivering passionate soliloquies against his lifelong rival Bertocci, and trying to get others--the monk Ubaldo, or Alphonso, the boy Ferdinand kidnapped in infancy and raised as his own--to do his dirty work.
This is why, in the last two acts of the play, Scedase is shown returning again and again to the question of the gods and of a universal pattern of punishment for evildoing, particularly as regards the most sacred of the obligations, hospitality.
Former premier Fouad Siniora:"The bombings, from Bir al-Abed and Ruwaiss to Tripoli, render our country exposed to all kinds of evildoing and crime.
The classical conception of politics as directed toward the common good defined by three goods or ends (order, justice, and peace) was directly reflected in the major requirements of bellum iustum, just war: the good of order in the requirement that such uses of force be authorized by a temporal ruler with no temporal superior, the good of justice in the requirement that such uses of force be for regaining that which had been wrongly taken and punishing evildoing (not self-defense against attack, which was taken to be guaranteed to all individuals and communities directly by natural law), and the good of peace in the requirement that all just uses of force aim at reestablishing and protecting peace as the result of a just order within the political community.
The irony should not be lost on anyone who remembers the extent to which Soviet evildoing was chalked up to godlessness by many in the West, especially Americans.
This is the condition of the one who returns to sinning and evildoing after Ramadan and leaves obedience and righteous actions.