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Mariani called on Australian Transport Minister Anthony Albanese and Victorian and New South Wales counterparts Terry Mulder and Gladys Berejiklian, and evinced keen interest of French rail companies being involved in an Australian high-speed rail project.
Observes the brief, "The Cobb County School Board has evinced a long-standing anti-evolution, pro-creationism bias.
Not only was his singing a wondrous amalgam of purity and ``character,'' his English letter-perfect, but he evinced an involvement in the music - in the text, really - that eluded his fellow soloists, as it does most performers.
In spite of the balanced approach evinced by the chapter division, it must be stated that Le Theatre francais de la Renaissance is weighted in favor of the tragic genre, whose origins and evolution are carefully retraced.
Before his last surgery, Hank sent his wife one of those sealed "Just in neither the emotional depth nor the ability to express himself as beautifully as evinced in the letter.
AS SOMEONE who has wide experience of negotiating wage settlements with unionised Labour, I was appalled at the tactical naivety of Chancellor Gordon Brown, as evinced by his Budget speech.
10] To assess the character of lower-court decisions by referring only to the ones that came under higher-court review is tantamount to making generalizations about human behavior based on people who visit psychiatrists; the higher courts only ruled on cases that already evinced irregularities.
Half a decade ago I was concerned at the preoccupation evinced in your journal with how to get the greatest slice out of the managed care cake.
He is the first post-Freudian designer because he evinced sexuality without Victorianism or guilt.
The legitimacy of our uncompromising position is evinced by the fact of our enormous support globally, and our effectiveness at winning campaigns.
There is a general sense that we are facing a crisis, as evinced by the fact that a sizable majority views the economic threat from Japan as more serious than the military threat from the Soviet Union.
Although the global market has evinced great interest in products that Japan excels in producing, domestic manufacturers must be wary of the aggressive expansion plans of Chinese and Taiwanese companies.