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It was evident then that he expected opposition, but the girl was too loyal to let von Horn know if she felt other than in harmony with the proposal, and too proud to evince by surprise the fact that she was not wholly conversant with its every detail.
She spoke of killing Buckingham with no greater concern than one might evince in the contemplated destruction of a sheep; yet she was neither cruel nor vindictive.
On that day the Philadelphia iron-forger then believed himself victorious, and could not evince contempt enough for his rival; but when the other afterward substituted for conical shot simple
One afternoon, the Dodger and Master Bates being engaged out that evening, the first-named young gentleman took it into his head to evince some anxiety regarding the decoration of his person (to do him justice, this was by no means an habitual weakness with him); and, with this end and aim, he condescendingly commanded Oliver to assist him in his toilet, straightway.
22) Despite all the Brangelina stuff she has become known for as of late, Angelina Jolie evinces serious acting chops as the wife of CIA agent Matt Damon in director Robert De Niro's star-studded tale of the history and birth of the intelligence agency.
But when a long train of unconstitutional executive branch abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to take back delegated authority from an official who is manifestly unsuitable to exercise it.
Van Tran's works are constantly in the process of both becoming and decaying, and while they aren't riddled with skulls, their incipient dematerialization still evinces temporality.
On the whole, the book evinces the charms of an erudite essay.
He evinces a messianic faith in the power of America's ideals.
In addition, in all of its parts, the liturgy evinces both sequence and simultaneity.
Outside of that, and almost to an essay, McWhorter evinces tone deafness to the texture, quality and social undercurrents of black life, a remarkable feat for a book subtitled "Essays for the Black Silent Majority.
A SHOW has indisputably reached classic status when the mere premise of an episode evinces laughs, when the characters have been so vividly realized that simply imagining them in a situation is funny - and then the episode manages to subvert your expectations for even greater laughs.