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Evincible, the leading provider of policy-based Web security solutions and Secure Forms Technology, and Exostar, an Internet-based global exchange for the aerospace and defense industry, today announced that Evincible's Privacy Platform has been selected to secure ForumPass, Exostar's collaboration suite powered by PTC's ProjectLink, that allows manufacturers and their suppliers to work together in a real time, virtual workspace.
Evincible, however, took the next step to provide encryption that reached all the way to the user's desktop.
End-to-end encryption and database encryption technologies for the ForumPass collaboration service are based on software provided by Virginia-based Evincible.
Evincible CEO founder, Vijay Takanti, will become Program Manager for e- security at Exostar.
March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Exostar, the leading provider of secure integrated supply chain solutions, announced today that it has acquired Evincible Software, a worldwide developer of security solutions for Web-based transactions.
We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the growing need for secure, fast and easy electronic document and form signing," said Vivek Kundra, vice president at Evincible.
We're committed to working with companies like Evincible that are OCSP compatible.
In Evincible, players can either challenge their Facebook friends or a complete stranger to a game.
VeriSign's second generation PKI services make it easy for developers to create a straightforward method of assuring that signers have valid credentials, a critical element required for dispute avoidance and resolution, where required, " said Vijay Takanti, CEO, Evincible.
Evincible announced the company has successfully completed rigorous product interoperability testing to join Baltimore Technologies' (Nasdaq: BALT; London: BLM) TrustedWorld(TM) partner program.