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Orr succeeded in evincing compassion for the gruff Coppelius via a masterly characterization wrought of comic aptitude, definitive mime, and showmanship.
She tries her best to be catty throughout the book, and at times she even succeeds in evincing a certain feline wit -- as in her devastating description of Luce spiriting sculptor Isamu Noguchi, chisel in hand, into her Manhattan apartment to touch up her marble bust after a secret nose job.
In her remarks on the occasion, the British Deputy High Commissioner said that Islamic financing was progressing quite rapidly and that the British investors are also evincing keen interest.
Evincing much interest, the students went around the Parliament House and met Rahul Gandhi in the circular corridors of the historical building.
In a hallwaylike back space one could watch Interieurs, 1995-96, a collaboration with Pieter Kramer, in which couples and individuals talk about their homes, evincing wide differences in class background and taste.
Evincing little sympathy for the nation's workers, college students from Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, and other prominent elite training grounds sought to prove that they were not "rah rah sissies" by invading and overturning the province of laboring men.
The music attributed to van Wilder in volume two, often evincing a high degree of technical skill and emotional depth, deserves to be better known.
Evidence of the skill with which Katz places mark after mark, each stroke evincing both focus and thrall, contributes to the works" vast allure.