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The Bells' also have been rightfully rebuffed in their efforts to eviscerate the state oversight that has fostered greater residential local service choices and lower prices in states such as California, Michigan, Illinois, and New York.
The effect would have been to retroactively eviscerate core protections of the bankruptcy laws, which were designed to provide companies with a fair opportunity to reorganize and thrive as commercially viable businesses.
Taymor clearly has a moral conception of theater, and she magnifies these personifications of good and evil until they become archetypal, refusing to eviscerate their power in cheery wrap-ups.
In Smith, the court majority, led by Justice Antonin Scalia, jettisoned that standard and declared that henceforth, laws that were "generally applicable and neutral" would be considered constitutional, even if their practical effect was to eviscerate a religious practice.
The agency's attempt to eviscerate all this effort and settled law by purportedly canceling the licenses is clearly null and void.
The Smith ruling, authored by Justice Antonin Scalia, wiped that standard off the books and said that instead all "generally applicable" statutes would be constitutional, even if their effect was to eviscerate religious practices.
To discuss these elements would be to eviscerate her.
Since the mid-90s, Istook has urged Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution that would essentially eviscerate the First Amendment's church-state separation provision by allowing organized prayer on all public property.
Oh, it is as well-shot and well-acted as any movie that is purely designed to make money and eviscerate any inconvenient facts from the story line.
Regulation should invigorate, not eviscerate investment in innovative technologies that provide new services, more jobs and more growth for our state's economy.
XO also takes exception to the RBOCs' relentless attempts to eviscerate FCC rules adopted to protect the benefits of local service competition for businesses and consumers.
I saw a judge who stonewalled when questioned on his membership in an anti-woman/anti-civil rights group; bloviated when asked about women's right to choose; whose record is pro-corporation, anti-individuals' rights 85 percent of the time; and who may eviscerate the clean water, clean air acts.