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The coarse inner drum consists of a cylinder of parallel bars with 1-3 cm openings to separate eviscerated fish from the water stream and discharge them to the processing line feeding deboning equipment.
Afghanistan, raped and eviscerated by the Russian army for ten years, abandoned by its friends -- us, of course -- once the Russians had fled, is about to be attacked by the surviving superpower.
One of the vehicle's occupants, an 18-month-old female, had eviscerated organs and had stopped breathing.
The came the council vote--and, like so many other progressive projects, Salamanca was eviscerated.
and eviscerated prisoners constitutional rights" (page xiii).
But, in the final analysis, these quibbles do not detract from a first-rate study which goes a long way to helping us understand why the American welfare state is so weak and so easily eviscerated today.
The only problem with the article is that it is eviscerated by a major flaw.
These "hired guns," the author contends, have eviscerated substance, elevated money, and made sure all roads to victory run through their offices.
With the benefit of such comments, perhaps the Service could modify the regulations to provide both employers and employees with the needed flexibility to make the changes necessary to accommodate real-world employment situations, while obtaining assurances that the doctrine of constructive receipt will not be eviscerated through Sec.
By storing eviscerated fresh fish on ice that has been treated with a combination of citric acid and potassium sorbate, bacteria counts can be reduced and shelf life can be extended by several days.