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JC2'' is your basic flying- monster-from-hell eviscerates bus load of indistinguishable young people exercise.
There have been real threats to our liberties since September: a USA PATRIOT Act that eviscerates the Fourth Amendment; a roundup of immigrants that's gone far beyond any reasonable protection against terrorism; a renewed impulse toward secrecy in the public sector and against it in our private lives; an airport security regime apparently designed to be as intrusive as possible; a political class calling for citizen snitches, secret tribunals, and a militarized national police force.
The title of the album, Checks Thugs and Rock 'n Roll, eviscerates the lifestyle-driven mentality that has come to dominate the rap world at the expense of authenticity.
And more than a million viewers--fed up with the way Peter Jennings advocates nationalizing the stock exchange, Tom Brokaw eviscerates the "fascist pigs" of the World War "" generation, and Dan Rather openly calls for the destruction of Israel--agreed with him.
He eviscerates a callow Dana Milbank of The Washingrton Post, who set out to do a hit piece on Nader and couldn't be bothered to stick around to watch him campaign.