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There's more: Bad guy Spanky (Clayton Godson) and his girl gang of evil hairdressers want to thwart Sabu's sex quest by stealing Happy away and eviscerating him in a gory "wedding" that punches legalized gay marriage in the gut and laughs about it.
The Glandelinians - atheists, military men in ornate uniforms armed with rifles and bayonets - are battling the Christian Angelinneans, enslaving little girls, nailing them to crosses, burning them, strangling them, dismembering and eviscerating them in bloody scenes of murderous mayhem.
In 2040, a vicious serial killer stalks the mean streets of New York, eviscerating his victims and vanishing without a trace.
Eviscerating insults fly over the family holiday meal; carolers get the door slammed in their faces.
Over the decades, Victor and his creations (yes, there are many) have been eviscerating random victims for organ harvesting to keep themselves alive, and they're essentially immortal, and some of them pretty much can't stand it.
Goldman's ringing dialogue remains bracing, musical and eviscerating in its depictions of the casual - and diabolically plotted - cruelties families can rain down on themselves.
With Mo Gaffney as a televangelist and Whoopi Goldberg as a lesbian counselor, ``Ab Fab in New York'' is determinedly broader than the classic series' eviscerating humor, but fans will be glad to see that the girls' amorality and dubious fashion sense have not abandoned them.
After the song, ``MADtv's'' Michael McDonald took the stage mimicking Simon Cowell, the show's eviscerating judge.
The Player'' and ``The Larry Sanders Show'' covered this material in such a hilariously eviscerating fashion that it never need be covered again, but that hasn't stopped the rank imitators.