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Wells's praxis of emergency that clarifies the necessary (and arguably, at times, inherent) positionality of black knowledge production against the systemic evisceration and elimination of black people and black worlds within the regulating parameters of civil order and peace.
As with other racial genocides, there is a specificity to anti-black genocide that requires its own elaborative schema: While the slave and apartheid economic systems certainly depended on the captive African's labor, those systems also produced the enslaved/captive African in a regime of terror and physiological violence, constantly bringing the African into close proximity with the possibility of death--of oneself, loved ones, and other black people--as part of a broader logic of evisceration that is/ was entirely genocidal in its mobilizations and effects (e.
Case details and outcomes for 19 birds of prey in which ocular eviscerations were performed.
While evisceration has been suggested as an alternative, it has not been described for multiple cases or with long-term follow-up data in birds of prey.
The team found that rich and poor alike most commonly had the transabdominal slit performed, although for the elites evisceration was sometimes performed through a slit through the anus.
In our study, the intracorporeal cuff suture was superior to the vaginal suture to prevent the vaginal cuff complications of evisceration and dehiscence in total laparoscopic hysterectomy," Dr.
Among the remaining 274 TLH women, there was l case of evisceration and 4 cases of dehiscence with the intracorporeal continuous suture, compared with 0 cases of evisceration and 11 cases of dehiscence with the vaginal continuous locking suture (2.
Decapitations and eviscerations abound as Sub-Zero and pals return to spill the claret in new and imaginative ways.
It's tempting, after digesting Frum's fine examination of Kemp, Bennett, and Buchanan, to call them "Hear No Evil," "Speak Against Evil," and "Evil," but that runs the risk of (slightly) misrepresenting Frum, and I don't want to let my prejudices get in the way of his more precise eviscerations.
In addition to closing other extremity wounds, Canica makes dynamic wound closure systems for a wide range of wounds, from skin lacerations to large abdominal eviscerations.