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Freud's insight comes to mind when faced with Nora Speyer's canvases and their richly evocative, peculiarly impacted primordial texture, not to mention her vision of basic sexual objects--bodies (mostly naked and female) orgiastically entangled at times but more often falling in abysmal space, like souls in traditional images of hell.
Drawing on ideas from alchemy, botany, geography and numerology, the park's designers have attempted to restore the noble, democratic and evocative power of the urban park, providing an inspiring paradigm for the future.
Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture has an evocative photograph of the Shah-i-Zinda necropolis in Samarkand.
The attraction of these works lies precisely in their ambivalent status, at once embarrassingly stagy and moodily evocative.
As a choreographer, she is a master at the creation of theater-dance: a storyteller, a builder of characters, an evocative commentator on women's presence in contemporary society.
Employing slightly deeper tones for the male characters, she succeeds at all voices, and her evocative pronunciations of Italian names and terms add to the atmosphere already present in the author's descriptions of Italian life and culture.
Nonetheless, these oils on panel are of a piece with Greene's project, for whether in those previous dreamy scenes or in these new displays of color, gesture, and form, the artist reveals an impressive capacity for engaging the viewer with seductive and evocative hints of other places, times, and experiences.
In L'Enigma Femminile ("The Feminine Enigma") -- a captivating, highly evocative piece of choreography enhanced by a very sophisticated choice of music -- the world of women is represented as a male performer's voyage into mystery.
Titles such as "Emasculation by Minivan' and "Old Moses Blew Beets" are evocative enough to readily identify the episodes and they're each on a separate track, so it's easy to find your spot if the cd is ejected along the way.
Like a jigsaw puzzle gone awry, the scrambled squares create a surreal and evocative array of shapes and textures.
Daybreak best displays Hawkins's gift for evocative stage pictures that frame the choreography, although a sameness of tone tends to make the work into a series of encounters rather than a drama.
Drew's voice is clearly commanding and evocative of the bored, disdainful, and too wealthy Marquis.