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This complex and intriguing coming-of-age novel, set evocatively in Northern Ontario and Toronto, interweaves the life stories of multi-layered, richly developed characters who explore the limits and boundaries of human communication as they deal with the challenges and possibilities of daily life.
Antonino Fogliani's conducting was evocatively flexible most of the time, but some hard-driving tempi made for a few musical and verbal scrambles.
Prospice is Latin for "look ahead," an apt designation for this beautifully wrought debut novel that evocatively portrays several generations of vividly drawn women, in the story of a family that learns, through sorrow and loss, to find happiness and the strength to look ahead.
The highlight was al Mazyona operetta, which evocatively conveyed the message of prudent savings habits through the folklore song and dance programme.
Mood and setting are evocatively created by using appropriate shades, including dark night-time tones or monochrome, and some full pages of text are contained within borders with designs in the corners.
Galocher has its origins in the noun "galoche" which refers to an ice skating boot and the new term hopes to capture the action behind the term or, as AP puts it, "the new term riffs evocatively on the idea of sliding around the ice.
An image of Killata Bay in County Mayo evocatively captures the water's edge, where green grass meets the still waters of the Moy River estuary in the soft morning light.
The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt, 1911-2006), "who, through works rich in nuance--now clear-sightedly realistic, now evocatively ambiguous--has formed an Arabian narrative art that applies to all mankind.
Perhaps most evocatively automotive are a series of handmade objects from the early '70s "signed" with stylized metal initials that suggest hood ornaments.
Akhtar summed up Spielberg's career aptly when he said, " The genius of your cinema was that you were able to discover the child in every person with your film offerings and then came a stage when you showed gravitas of a different kind with strong films which spoke evocatively about politics.
She evocatively combines natural and man-made materials such as thorns, salt, dung, rubbish bags, barbed wire and videos in her captivating artworks.
Kendall's eye for untold stories, as well as his instinct for catching evocatively framed images on the fly, mark him as a name to watch.