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The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt, 1911-2006), "who, through works rich in nuance--now clear-sightedly realistic, now evocatively ambiguous--has formed an Arabian narrative art that applies to all mankind.
Perhaps most evocatively automotive are a series of handmade objects from the early '70s "signed" with stylized metal initials that suggest hood ornaments.
Akhtar summed up Spielberg's career aptly when he said, " The genius of your cinema was that you were able to discover the child in every person with your film offerings and then came a stage when you showed gravitas of a different kind with strong films which spoke evocatively about politics.
She evocatively combines natural and man-made materials such as thorns, salt, dung, rubbish bags, barbed wire and videos in her captivating artworks.
Summary: Hiba Kalache's first solo exhibition is evocatively titled.
The Royal photographs evocatively narrate the story of His Majesty the Sultan as an endearing leader, loved and respected by loyal citizens and people across the world.
Major General Abdul Jalil Mehdi, Director of the General Department to Combat Narcotics, lauded the patriotic spirit of the poet, whose feelings for her nation and concern about the youth had been captured evocatively in the lyrics of the song.
A famous landmark building, Grand Central Station in New York, is evocatively caught by Vince Cunningham with lovely lighting.
jjThursday More leading names from the jumping sphere could appear in the evocatively titled Cat Busters Hurdle over 2m6f at Thurles.
Instead you'll get a smart, detached, four-bedroom house in Hazel Drive in one of Birmingham's most evocatively named suburbs - for less then pounds 370,000.
Klein was born in Ohio and lived many years there, but since moving to Sarasota in 1990, she's taken her brush to evocatively Florida scenes, especially Myakka River State Park, where she frequently sets up her easel.
Their arrangement in this collection is in evocatively named sections such as Vertiginous Exhilaration, The Unsolicited, The Spore, Memory Wall Paper; included are the libretto and score for Opera Liebeslied/My Suicides.