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He looked at Balatta with swift questioning; but the voice of the Red One he had evoked had flung her face downward and moaning among the bones.
Having finished the paper, a second cup of coffee and a roll and butter, he got up, shaking the crumbs of the roll off his waistcoat; and, squaring his broad chest, he smiled joyously: not because there was anything particularly agreeable in his mind--the joyous smile was evoked by a good digestion.
The shades evoked, as worldly rumour had it, by Madame de S-- to meet statesmen, diplomatists, deputies of various European Parliaments, must have been of another sort.
On the balustrade of the first-floor landing a shiny tall hat reposed, rim upwards, opposite the double door of the drawing-room, haunted, it was said, by evoked ghosts, and frequented, it was to be supposed, by fugitive revolutionists.
Visual evoked brain stem auditory evoked recording apparatus and vestibular evoked miogeniniu recording machine.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for EEG, EMG and Evoked Potential Devices in US$ and Units by the following Product Segments: Electroencephalograph Equipment, and Electromyographs/Evoked Potential Units.
Self-sustainable yet vulnerable, it evoked an unexpected emotion, born of the mingling of the romantic myths of loss evoked by the sea with a realization of the power of modesty over spectacle.
The whole Spanish vocabulary seemed runic, like incantations--disfrutar, to enjoy, evoked ripe fruit; malapalabra--bad word--sounded like a magic spell.
No one, however, is limited to the sum of his/her physical state, and Slater's character also was informed by her parents' mismatched partnership, her own imaginative world, and the interest her physical condition evoked in healthcare professionals.
Alternate binaural bithermal testing evoked a nystagmic response and indicated a significant right-beating directional preponderance (DP), but no significant reduced vestibular response (RVR).
Denton Lotz evoked the dream of Baptists committed to reconciliation.
Beneath oversized X-ray cross-sections of the human torso, to the-electronic score of singing electrocardiograms and bleeping heart monitors, the dancers convincingly evoked the mysterious pleasures of the flesh.