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I've angled all summer to evoke that laugh, just for the delight of hearing it.
Our first run of Evokes will be offered on a limited basis at an exclusive price.
And yet it also evokes something like the stillness of mind that comes over you at the moment when you become aware of approaching danger.
Its dated look thus evokes a graphic language not of wartime but of the mid-century idea of the benevolent power.
For Americans, French still evokes the country of France in a way that Spanish does not evoke Spain.
The art of writing memoir that evokes greater truths in the minds and hearts of readers, instead of being limited to a catharsis for the author, is both subtle and capable of great power.
Vision places us in the present tense, whereas haptic experience evokes the experience of a temporal continuum.
The result is a design that evokes paintings by Piet Mondrian, the Dutch abstract painter who used blocks of primary colors.
This work evokes comparison to John Blassingame's Black New Orleans, 1860-1880 (1973), and similarly, Powers' study is likely to be the preeminent work on Charleston's Black population for quite some time.
This section also evokes the confusion of public controversies, such as the war in Vietnam in "Confessions of a Black Soldier" or a teachers' strike in "Crossfire.
In Jerked-Beef Ruin--Portugal the lined space that Varejao's painting evokes is not a virtual space, neutral, separate the world.