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I am amazed that such everyday products as can openers, oven mitts, and vacuum cleaners can evoke so much passion amongst their owners.
The iconography of the photo, of course, is closely linked to the two men who grapple on the restaurant floor; it evokes Raheem's earlier speech about the fist-fight between Love and Hate, which he had described as a vicious boxing match, and it involves, like the conflict between Raheem and Sal, an African American and an Italian American.
The posters' antique Modernism may have been intended to evoke positive memories of a stalwart and determined Churchillian Britain.
If you have managed to absorb these capriciously drawn psychological language Rorschachs (feel free to edit and personalize them according to your own individualized takes), you can recognize that any scene or situation you might wish to describe has a separate identity that depends upon, and is constrained by, the language you use to evoke it.
Though Zumthor vigorously denies that there is anything in the place which is obviously intended to evoke Switzerland, here is again a trace of one of the esse nces of the country, the tradition of efficient, soothing hospitality.
These ballets inevitably evoke remembrances of performances past, images that are not easily replaced or relinquished.
But on the other side, it is covered with a grid of tiny rectangles of mixed blues and greens that evoke the sea or sky.
Musically, you've got exaggerated twangy guitar coupled with the ever-memorable Old West whistle, which may evoke either the Duke or ``Kill Bill - Vol.
In the poem Kaufman chooses a very lyrical name that evokes two of the most important symbols in his work, nature ("Heather") and music ("Bell").
Vision places us in the present tense, whereas haptic experience evokes the experience of a temporal continuum.
The music, Atwell says, evokes the feeling of being stalked, and she had nightmares while writing it.