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Among his examples are Mark evoking a legal framework in order to undermine it, and Peter evoking a theory of prophecy.
Then click On OK, evoking a Confirm Password dialog box, which asks you to reenter your password and click on OK.
Here again is the notion of evoking the ways in which traditional English grass sports were originally viewed: from the shelter of tents.
the store's successful design attracts people to the items by evoking a quality image.
Even when at last it's fully perceptible, River remains decidedly amphibian, evoking in its onstage stream and scrappy shoreline a condition of in-betweenness that could be called physical or metaphysical.
In the Vintner's Reserve(R) tier of wines, a large color bar die cut beneath the main portion of the label varies with the varietal, evoking associations with the flavor of the wine.
Even without knowing the facts of Grete Stern's long life--she was born in Wuppertal-Eberfeld in 1904 and died in Buenos Aires in 1999--one could discern her itinerary from the photos on view: the composition studies and portraits in the unmistakable Bauhaus style that marked her beginnings in Dessau and Berlin (1927-33); a lone advertising design evoking her three years in London, where she went with fellow student and future husband Horacio Coppola following Hitler's election; and a more extensive group of portraits, nudes, cityscapes, landscapes, and other works from Argentina, where she disembarked with Coppola in 1936 and spent the last forty years of her life.
A limestone rubble wall wraps around the new building, evoking the rough-hewn construction of the original chapel in Cyprus.
These images are the result of a chain of "clonings" of basic forms to produce impossible shapes--hybrids that incorporate unpredictable juxtapositions, evoking sexual objects and exercising a sense of attraction that they then ward off.
In the second installation the serene and studious atmosphere was radically transformed: Here the fragments were heaped in a large pile, evoking all-too-familiar images of war, with corpses ready to be tossed into a mass grave.