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Firstly, this paper studies the dynamic game relationship between the government supervision department and private sector based on evolutionary game, which can display the evolutional trend of their decision in long term.
As it mentioned earlier, to solve the problem of multicriteria optimization with multidimensional closely coupled arguments in CAD systems are used evolutional methods and algorithms, i.
If the modern institutions of the Romanian state resulted from a general evolutional process, registered in the middle of the 19th century in Europe, this process was also founded on the internal background.
In strong connection to the above mentioned and from what is to be pointed in the following table, the development regions (NUTS II) hold a different potential and have economic and social development levels imposed by several factors which determine the evolutional tendencies within the regions (Table no.
Evolutional morphology of umbilical cord in the perinatal life time in calves.
Zabkiewicz (2013) offers to combine principal component analysis and evolutional methods.
We are who we are because of our past, family history and our culture that was molded by years of evolutional traditions.
Two Evolutional Pressurized Reactors, each of 1650 MWe, are proposed here initially, with the final target of achieving 9900 MWe capacity from six reactors.
As we continue our evolutional journey with the residency program, we are cognizant of the importance of focusing on preparing candidates for the challenges they're facing now as well as the challenges they face in coming years.
However, in some areas the application of longitudinal monitoring, would encourage an evolutional understanding of the populations being studied and its results could be more objective than the ones in the transversal studies.
Chow introduces partial differential equations of evolutional type with coefficients that are random functions of space and time.

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