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2]-XIIA is evolutionally far distant from other s[PLA.
This result indicates that cultural differences in semantic priming occur via conscious, not automatic, processes and it is more compatible with dual process theories which suggest that implicit, automatic processes are evolutionally older and culturally universal.
The process of minimizing the energy function that presents the curvature and the smoothness of the given contour evolutionally deforms it to the boundary of the target object.
Brian Francis, professor of social statistics at Lancaster, said of the discovery: "This effect is likely to be evolutionally determined, preparing the child for life outside the womb.
The theoretical explanation for social response theory is based on the idea that humans are social animals, evolutionally biased toward a social orientation (Reeves and Nass 1996).
Darwin believed that adult women of most species resembled the young of both sexes and from this and other evidence reasoned that males are more evolutionally advanced than female.
That is to ensure our global growth, and enter local markets much faster than if we decide to grow evolutionally," Alexey Kostarev says.

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