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Smartphone protection has been taken to a whole new level with the RhinoShield Impact Protection and Crash Guard by Evolutive Labs.
If the frequency of such extreme events increases, then it will become very hard to predict how penguin populations will buffer future sea ice changes," said lead researcher Dr Amelie Lescroel, from the Centre d'Ecologie Fontionnelle et Evolutive in France.
C'est une maladie evolutive dans laquelle les patients perdent progressivement memoire et capacites cognitives, ce qui entraEne souvent un deces premature.
The program also includes: Overboys, Moroccan percussion band and Eclats de lune for evolutive parade 'Azalai'.
Pour ceux et celles desireux d'avoir une vision globale des sujets et des phenomenes a l'etude, leur dynamique evolutive, tres presente dans le propos de chacun des articles, en elargit, a meme l'histoire de leur transformation, le potentiel heuristique.
Approaching, not at last, the aspects of the traditional life, the analysis follows three dimensions: an evolutive one, a structural-functional one and a typological one.
Each one of them is supported by a feed-forward artificial neural (ANN) trained with an evolutive algorithm as explained in [8] (see also [9]).
The evolutive mechanisms relating non-GTPases to GTPases that we can advance are sequence divergence, convergence and DNA recombination.
It features Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections for instant plugging of peripherals such as check and barcode readers, WiFi dongles or electronic cash registers, making it a flexible and highly evolutive payment solution.
Dans ce texte stimulant qui rappelle la dimension evolutive de la laicite francaise, l'auteur retrace les decalages et interactions entre la regulation politico-juridique du pluralisme religieux dans la France moderne et les representations dominantes que la <<laicite narrative>> peut vehiculer encore aujourd'hui.
Author affiliations: Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, Montpellier, France (J.
Progressivamente lo studio delle dinamiche evolutive del divismo porta all'approfondimento di una struttura centrifuga giustificata, alla fine del secolo, dalla radicale trasformazione del medium.