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Learning Cell makes learning content evolvable by updating content with the feedback it receives from the learners.
Nevertheless, FOSS is only a solution, driven by a single evolvable value, not values, to fight Corporatocracy.
2009b) Holonic rationale and bio-inspiration on design of complex emergent and evolvable systems, Transactions on Large-Scale Data and Knowledge -Centrered System I, Springer
Section 5 presents the key query plan algorithm and the dynamic generation of evolvable WSDL/SOAP interface for query answering in UCDS.
Being evolvable and adaptable will be vital in our efforts to optimize and squeeze every bit of value from each taxpayer dollar, and every bit of capability from our weapon systems.
They assert that the strongest future for research libraries is one in which multi-institutional collaborations achieve evolvable cyberinfrastructures and services for digital curation.
Designing self-organization for evolvable assembly systems.
Results indicate that an evolved agent with the same evolvable sensory offset for all sensors (or in absence of them) docs not necessarily offer an advantage in resilience to sensory perturbations.
Evolvable designs of experiments; applications for circuits.
Rather than attempting to create prebiotic conditions from which life may emerge, this approach involves engineering over the first three billion years of life history to design complex evolvable artifical organisms, and then attempting to create the ecological conditions that will set off spontaneous evolutionary process of inventing diversity and complexity of organisms" (www.
suggest a dramatic overhaul of the scientific publication process, replacing published papers with "liquid papers" that are evolvable and admit contribution from many in the manner of open source software and wikis.