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Maud stood silently by my side, while I evolved in my mind the contrivance known among sailors as "shears.
It is wonderful, my dear Felix," he said, leisurely drawing his cigarette-case from his pocket, "wonderful what good fellowship can be evolved by a kindred interest in sport, and a bottle or so of good champagne.
Nor did I expect to be loved devotedly, for the race has not yet evolved a man lovable on thorough acquaintance; even my self-love is neither thorough nor constant.
Some of the tall one's companions cried with emphasis that they, too, had evolved the same thing, and they congratulated themselves upon it.
All in all, there are only 14 Alolan PokAaAaAeA@mon in "PokAaAaAeA@mon Sun and Mo Eleven of which are evolved forms of either pre-evolved Alolan PokAaAaAeA@m or first-generation monsters.
According to Vinayak Eswaran, this process, known as diffusion, reflects how, over the past 200,000 years, people evolved to have the relatively thin bones, small jaws, and other distinctive aspects of their current physical form.
The day-to-day computing needs of home and business users have evolved from basic email, Web browsing and word processing to downloading music, photo editing, movie viewing, Web conferencing, and advanced office productivity.
And most automation has been implemented through scripting of practices and policies that have evolved in the context of a manual storage supply chain.
An important implication of this definition is that defense firms have evolved to become specialized in the sense that they focus on the transactions with a monopsony customer--the agencies and organizations in the DoD and not in any particular product or technology.
In Germany, green sensibility is perhaps at its most evolved and is manifest in a constant flow of innovative and exemplary buildings.
But Darwin himself feared that if certain biological structures were irreducible, they could not have evolved from simpler forms.