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The fourth chapter analyzes the emergence of strategic intelligence, its evolvement, development, and institutionalization.
While condemning this terrorist crime, Hezbollah expresses its confidence that it will not disrupt the continuing evolvement and advancement of the Islamic Republic in the scientific nuclear field," said the party in a statement.
In considering the new translation of the text of the Mass it occurred to me that some of the original English translation was more than just a translation from Latin, but also an evolvement in our way of expressing our faith in a: deeper and more insightful way.
Bet365's joint chief executive Denise Coates said: "We have been delighted with the Gold Cup meeting's success and evolvement over the last four years.
Among many other successful endeavours for evolvement of journalism in Country, he also cited the recently introduced Press Council of Pakistan, which would hopefully bridge an effective coordination between press and masses, eventually evolving as one of major journalistic institutions at global platforms.
Summary: Shaikh Mohammed emphasized that the country's 40th anniversary not only marks the birth of our country, but also our evolvement as a modern and progressive nation
and Gaza under direct colonial rule, thus creating the perfect environment for the evolvement of resistance to the occupation,.
Both also show that continuous evolvement is essential to keep up with trends in design as well as retail.
He has charted its evolvement from its beginnings in the 1860s as an institute for the education of working men, through turbulent times as a centre of radical politics and into a long period of decline.
On Dorrans' links with other clubs di Matteo added: "It is a natural evolvement in the football industry that bigger clubs are going to come andlookforthe besttalentsintheclub and try to sign them.
My career development has been a gradual evolvement within the field of secondary and tertiary education.