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When one catches an Alol Rattata, it's easy to evolve it into Alolan Raticate.
These processes include initial provisioning, ongoing capacity and data management, as well as migration processes as data requirements evolve.
Doyne Farmer, "we will likely witness the introduction on Earth of living organisms originally designed in large part by humans, but with the capability to reproduce and evolve just as natural organisms do.
With data traffic projected by industry analysts to constitute about 90% of all traffic on the public network by 2005, Appian's ODP is urgently needed to seamlessly evolve existing transport infrastructures, enabling them to carry and support both massive data traffic growth as well as legacy TDM voice applications from which service providers continue to derive the overwhelming majority of current revenues.
This has profound implications for how next generation telco networks evolve, dramatically impacting the cost of transmission and the development of high bandwidth services.