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Under terms of the agreement, Evolving Systems will install its OrderPath(R) and NumberManager(TM) LNP products.
The conference presentation material will be made available on March 14, 2007, on Evolving Systems' web site at http://www.
Our contribution involves applying an evolving framework called New Institutional Economics (Greenwood & Hinings, 1996; North, 1999; Williamson, 1985) to the defense industry.
Kauffman's basic tactic is to admit that the specific manifestations of complex evolving systems are accidental, but to provide grounds for believing that something like them - something orderly, self-regulating, and complex - is statistically likely, even inevitable, given the right initial conditions.
In addition, the bonds have been assigned an Evolving Rating Outlook and will continue to be monitored for ongoing settlement developments.
Evident is Evolving Systems' convergent mediation platform that supports the rapid rollout of new services and innovative pricing models.
Nineteenth-century English naturalist Henry Walter Bates first put forth the idea that a species of taste butterfly could protect itself by evolving to mimic a toxic species.
22, Evolving Systems presented a pre-conference workshop entitled, "Use of Workflow to Enable Evolving Next-Generation OSS.
The Rating Watch Evolving status indicates that Hertz's ratings could be raised, lowered, or remain the same following Fitch's review of an expected transaction.
The Rights Plan is designed to enable all common stockholders to realize the full value of their investment and to provide for fair and equal treatment for all stockholders in the event that an unsolicited attempt is made to acquire Evolving Systems, Inc.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Evolving Gold Corporation (CNQ:GOLD) is pleased to report that a preliminary review of an extensive database of previous exploration programs, including historical reverse circulation drilling results, has provided positive information, including a five foot (1.
July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- After establishing leadership in the wireline market for local number portability (LNP) provisioning applications, Evolving Systems, Inc.