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ex rel.

conj. abbreviation for Latin ex relatione, meaning "upon being related" or "upon information," used in the title of a legal proceeding filed by a state attorney general (or the federal Department of Justice) on behalf of the government, on the instigation of a private person, who needs the state to enforce the rights of himself/herself and the public. For example, the caption would read: The State of Tennessee ex rel. Archie Johnson v. Hardy Products.

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through the summary judgment phase: United States ex rel. Martin v.
Case Name: State of Wisconsin ex rel. The Peter Ogden Family Trust of 2008, et al.
16, the Supreme Court announced it would resolve that split by granting a request to review the Eleventh Circuit's decision in United States ex rel. Hunt v.
(1) The Colorado Court of Appeals in People ex rel. C.J.R (2) addresses the Denver Probate Court's authorization of chemical castration by means of involuntarily administering Depo-Provera to a male patient exhibiting inappropriate and aggressive sexual behavior.
The seminal case applying the FCA's Tax Bar is United States ex rel. Lissack v.
(2) Less than one month later, in September, 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States set Docket Number 13-628, Zivotofsky ex rel. Zivotofsky v.
& Robert Clark Neff, Jr., War Stories: A History of the Qui Tam Provisions of the False Claims Act, the 1986 Amendments to the False Claims Act, and Their Application in the United States ex rel. Gravitt v.
This Comment addresses that tension, the circuit split it engendered, and the Supreme Court's attempt to resolve the split in its January 2014 opinion, Mississippi ex rel. Hood v.