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"The repeated targeting of Saudi territory by missile attacks from Yemeni territory not only threatens the security of the kingdom and the safety of its people, but also exposes the region to serious dangers and exacerbates existing divisions and conflicts," Hariri said in a statement carried by his press office.
Jaberi Ansari underlined that any measure outside the aforementioned framework will merely exacerbate the situation and complicate the aspects of a crisis which is already complex.
Mental illness often exacerbates and in some cases leads to other health problems.
[3] As might be expected, occlusion of the external auditory canal, usually as a consequence of wearing a hearing aid, exacerbates the condition and hastens its rate of progression.
businesses that may exacerbate the problems of U.S competitiveness abroad." S.
Fortunately, the government has not (at least as yet) repeated those errors, so the good news is that the government has done nothing affirmatively wrong since October, 1987, to exacerbate the market's difficulties.
Summary: EU Ambassador to Lebanon Angelina Eichhorst stressed Wednesday the need for all sides to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and refrain from acting in any manner that could exacerbate the critical situation in the region.
"In that regard, their presence is helping but there are other parts where our mere presence does exacerbate and violence results.
I hope General Synod will face this issue honestly and not exacerbate the present devastation by sticking their heads under their wings while mumbling some pious aphorisms about unity in diversity, Anglican inclusiveness and Christian sensitivity.
Decreased Medicaid reimbursement rates, poor returns on stock investments, and uncertainty about the future of the Medicare add-ons (as of press time) exacerbate the situation, says Polniaszek: "In a good economy, if Medicare rates were to go down, [a not-for-profit organization] would say, 'Well, we'll do more fundraising.
In fact, the use of force may not only fail to solve the problems, it may exacerbate them and leave destruction and suffering in its wake."