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She called on all sides and players to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and not to undertake any acts that might exacerbate the sensitive regional situation.
3] As might be expected, occlusion of the external auditory canal, usually as a consequence of wearing a hearing aid, exacerbates the condition and hastens its rate of progression.
Enactment of this revenue raiser would only serve to exacerbate the double taxation caused by expiring FTCs; carryforwards should be lengthened, but not at the expense of the carryback.
The point that I'm trying to make is the mere fact that we are still in some places exacerbates violence from those who want to destabilise Iraqi democ racy.
What is new, is seeing how it all relates to climate change," he says, adding that raising the temperature in urban areas like New York, where there is limited vegetation to reflect heat and lots of concrete to absorb it, exacerbates health problems.
This may be especially true in overweight runners, as increased weight tends to also increase intra-abdominal pressure and exacerbate GER.
For Dunham, color has become the payoff of painting, conspiring with drawing to challenge and exacerbate the plane of our consciousness into forming new creatures of thought.
Cigarette smoke is itself a source of lead and can also exacerbate periodontal disease.
In most cases, they can design individualized treatment plans to improve the functional activities that exacerbate pain.
Calabasas has been in the forefront of the legal fight against the $2 billion development, which opponents say will overrun the region with traffic, exacerbate pollution and threaten local wildlife species.
It is not clear whether levels of endotoxin have been markedly elevated in the last 10-20 years; however, the presence of endotoxin in air contaminated by air pollutants and by known human allergens suggests that the confluence of these three classes of airway inflammatory and allergic agents could markedly exacerbate the effects of each agent individually.
Opponents in the West Valley worry that the development would hurt the surrounding environment and exacerbate traffic congestion on surface streets and the 101 Freeway.