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It was found that the major cause of exacerbated COPD is the infection which contributes 50%.
Tensions can be exacerbated when there is little cross-office understanding of all the steps involved in establishing, awarding, and stewarding endowed scholarships.
Gottschall confronts an implicit conflict between those inside and outside a particular religious tradition, a tension exacerbated by the stereotypes and assumptions of students outside the tradition they are studying.
The unrest was exacerbated by conflict between tribes, traditional enemies who were encroaching on each other's territory in the area.
Now, instead of being reformed, its worst tendencies seem to have been exacerbated by the Bush administration.
In Six Modern Plagues, Walters explores the history of these epidemics to demonstrate how human activities have exacerbated the death toll.
Breaches in the building envelope, particularly at parapets and deteriorated mortar joints, has led to serious water infiltration, causing corrosion of stone anchors that is exacerbated by the freeze/thaw movement of trapped moisture.
In the current downturn, both of these characteristics have exacerbated the market-related weakening of credit measures.
If you've got conflicts," he says, "they're only going to get exacerbated from the stress [of the competition].
The disease appears to be exacerbated by any manipulation of the canal, including aggressive cleansing.
Illiquidity, not insolvency, exacerbated by a central bank out to lunch.
The situations are complex, but in general increasing religious militancy, exacerbated by economic stresses, have fueled the violence.