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The higher lead-free processing temperatures placed greater stress on components and boards and exacerbated the cumulative heat exposures.
Eugene Kenigsberg has been busy lately, as the Santa Ana winds exacerbated allergies across the Southland.
These difficulties are exacerbated by the short tenure of the lease with Port Authority and the resulting high annual debt service costs, after including the special mandatory redemption payments (SMR).
The Glasgow statement added: "Hooker Fraser Brown has had an operation on a foot injury exacerbated while away with Scotland and is expected to remain on the sidelines for up to eight weeks.
Reports say that shadow banking and credit risks have exacerbated a real estate slump in China
Project objective : Bolivia is exposed to various natural hazards, which are exacerbated by climate change.
According to the authors, their data offer novel insights into potential mechanisms whereby RAGE influences pulmonary inflammation exacerbated by DPM exposure.
Sukariyah slammed the government for deficient price and quality supervision, exacerbated by fraud and bureaucratic inaction.
Romantic tensions between two officemates are exacerbated by their natural competitive streaks.
MILWAUKEE, June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study offers concrete evidence that allergies are exacerbated by secondhand smoke.
The resent that this engenders is to be exacerbated with government plans to legalise positive discrimination.
Developers are prescribing more of the same unsustainable practices that destroyed coastal wetlands and exacerbated the disaster in the first place.