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Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy said he agrees oil is exacerbating the situation in Sudan but he was reluctant to impose sanctions immediately because he wanted Talisman to meet its responsibilities, including using its influence with the government to end human-rights abuses.
AMEX: GST) (TSX: YGA) in a Q3 "Institutional" Research Update, noting exacerbating effects of a sequential decline in production while revenues continued to decline.
Another group likely to oppose the plans from Garamendi and Schwarzenegger is the attorneys who make their living representing injured workers, and whom some politicians blame for exacerbating the problem.
by either creating or exacerbating problems which then require statist "solutions.
In the human brain, glutamate serves as an important messenger, but it can also kill the brain's nerve cells under stress, exacerbating the damage done by a stroke.
Improper body mechanics, tight joint structures, and weak or inflexible muscles are contributing to, and exacerbating their painful conditions.
The idea from the beginning was to rejuvenate the Van Nuys area without exacerbating the liquor sales problem,'' said Delgadillo.
Unless the equity markets quickly revert to late 1990s form, pension expense for state and local governments can be expected to rise sharply over the next several years, possibly contributing to or exacerbating declines in liquidity and financial flexibility that may lead to downgrades in the absence of corrective action, according to a new report published yesterday by Fitch Ratings.
Buchanan has also found that sodium chloride reduces bacteria's ability to feast, further exacerbating the energy drain.
In addition, the recent disruptions in Venezuela have adversely impacted deliveries in the fourth quarter, exacerbating the shortfall.