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The primary objective of the study was to demonstrate that Ultibro Breezhaler 110/50 mcg was non-inferior to salmeterol/fluticasone (SFC) 50/500 mcg in terms of rate of all COPD exacerbations (mild/moderate/severe) during 52 weeks of treatment.
Black adults with asthma did not see significant differences in time to exacerbation after adding a long-acting beta-agonist to their inhaled corticosteroid treatment, compared with adding tiotropium, according to results from a randomized, open-label trial.
1]% predicted was significantly greater at baseline in those without exacerbations vs.
Mucolytic agents have an important role in managing COPD exacerbations because increased mucus secretions causes coughing and the mucus plugs can obstruct airways and lead to increased death.
To prevent exacerbations and possible hospitalization, patients with severe COPD are treated with inhaled long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) alone and/or a fixed combination of inhaled corticosteroids/long-acting ?
There is sufficient evidence of a causal relationship between chronic ETS exposure and exacerbations of asthma in preschool-age children.
Effect of "yang-warming and kidney essence-replenishing" herbal paste on cold-related asthma exacerbation.
Specific therapy for the reduction of exacerbations includes the addition of a phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor, roflumilast.
Over that year, patients on vitamin D reported a total of 229 exacerbations in symptoms, for an average of 2.
It is also very important to note that the FEV1 and exacerbations tracked closely.
According to the authors of an accompanying editorial, this study does not definitively refute the benefit of vitamin D supplements for reducing COPD exacerbations.
In a prospective cohort study among patients with COPD who kept daily diaries for at least 2 years, 56% of exacerbations started suddenly; the rest began gradually.