exact amount

References in classic literature ?
And seeing this goodly sum reminds me that I have a friend who is indebted to a churchman for this exact amount. Now we shall charge you nothing on our own account; but suffer us to make use of this in aiding my good friend."
At the steamer's side the man demanded his pay and, without waiting to count out the exact amount, the woman thrust a handful of bank-notes into his outstretched hand.
On this twenty-fifth of March, it was John Willet's pride annually to settle, in hard cash, his account with a certain vintner and distiller in the city of London; to give into whose hands a canvas bag containing its exact amount, and not a penny more or less, was the end and object of a journey for Joe, so surely as the year and day came round.
But Tom, you perceive, was rather a Rhadamanthine personage, having more than the usual share of boy's justice in him,--the justice that desires to hurt culprits as much as they deserve to be hurt, and is troubled with no doubts concerning the exact amount of their deserts.
The exact amount of repurchases will be determined by actual loan growth and the company's objective to manage Common Equity Tier-1 capital at 9.5 percent.
He said the exact amount of the fund stood at RM202,716,775.10 as of January 14, 2019, the closing date for contributions and furthermore, interest received from fixed deposit investments amounted to RM575,342.31 up to March 31
BISP has directed all beneficiary women to get the exact amount of 5000 and also obtained a receipt of the transaction.
The Bank is yet to confirm the exact amount of money lost and the number of clients affected by this illegal transaction.
Police said the suspect paid the exact amount to purchase the ticket.
The exact amount of the jackpot is NT$223,526,545, according to Taiwan Lottery.
Goods stored in the shop were damaged but the exact amount of loss could not be ascertained till late in the night.
All beneficiary women have been advised to get exact amount of Rs 5000 and also obtained a receipt of the transaction this month and in case of any difficulty they can contact BISP Toll-Free helpline 0800-26477.