exact amount

References in classic literature ?
And seeing this goodly sum reminds me that I have a friend who is indebted to a churchman for this exact amount.
At the steamer's side the man demanded his pay and, without waiting to count out the exact amount, the woman thrust a handful of bank-notes into his outstretched hand.
On this twenty-fifth of March, it was John Willet's pride annually to settle, in hard cash, his account with a certain vintner and distiller in the city of London; to give into whose hands a canvas bag containing its exact amount, and not a penny more or less, was the end and object of a journey for Joe, so surely as the year and day came round.
But Tom, you perceive, was rather a Rhadamanthine personage, having more than the usual share of boy's justice in him,--the justice that desires to hurt culprits as much as they deserve to be hurt, and is troubled with no doubts concerning the exact amount of their deserts.
Aho said board members decided not to release the exact amount of the bequest from businessman Walter A.
The Soluprep II solution preparation system from Design Scientific automatically calculates and dispenses the exact amount of solvent required to prepare a precise concentration based on the approximate mass of solute added by the operator.
Currently we are working on the exact amount of the hike.
SENTENCING judges should spell out the exact amount of time a criminal is likely to spend in prison, Victims' Champion Sara Payne said today.
On the other hand, member states will not have to establish the exact amount of milk product content of imported products in order to decide whether analytical tests are required, as the new measures will require systematic checks on all milk-containing products irrespective of the exact amount of such content.
Although talks are still ongoing with the provincial government as to the exact amount and timing of the funding, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Chris Bentley has already publicly announced that the province would indeed be a partner in the project.
Except for certain individuals (discussed below), all taxpayers must calculate the exact amount of excise tax paid.