exact copy

See: facsimile
References in classic literature ?
I would suggest that you return to Norfolk, that you keep a keen lookout, and that you take an exact copy of any fresh dancing men which may appear.
With such a VADE MECUM D'Artagnan was morally and physically an exact copy of the hero of Cervantes, to whom we so happily compared him when our duty of an historian placed us under the necessity of sketching his portrait.
If I could have an exact copy of something, it would be a perfect copy of the mutated gene which causes the disease so I could give it to my friend's children and all those families having to deal with this horrendous disease.
Ece/17/1note: This advert is an exact copy of the opportunity recently advertised on the south east business portal.
But the adverts are almost an exact copy of the poster for the 1979 Tory campaign, featuring an image of Thatcher and the phrase: "Don't just hope for a better life.
The agreement also transfers to Lima the non-exclusive rights for the manufacturing, marketing and sale of an exact copy of the Vanguard knee in Europe.
PLILI counsel Giancarlo Puyo said the canned products bearing the name "Supreme Luncheon Meat" sold at the minimarts use an almost exact copy of the label, fonts, color and photos of the original and registered La Filipina Luncheon Meat.
The grand prize winner has been selected by the panel of judges headed by Tamara Al-Gabbani who will be designing the winner's dream dress for her exclusively as well as an exact copy of the dress that will be made for her favorite Disney Princess doll.
We sell different manuscripts that are handwritten and have never been printed before so that people can own an exact copy of original texts from hundreds of years ago," said Struzl.
Mining tycoon Clive Palmer, 58, is using his own money to build an exact copy of the liner that hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in April 1912 with the loss of 1,502 lives, reports Express.
The Spanish Factum Arte workshop worked closely with the Society of Friends of the Royal Tombs of Egypt (based in Switzerland) and the Supreme Council of Antiquities to develop the technology and practical implementation to create an exact copy of the famous tomb, which is under considerable threat of damage from the vast amount of visitors it attracts.
The company's new Besturn B50 is the exact copy of Volkswagen's MQ200 transmission, and has a small car engine that is shared with the Chinese-market Golf and Polo.