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The exact data required to be captured and reported will be subject to further discussion but is likely to include:1.
The objectives of the allocation includes establishment of 150 new primary schools, establishment of 100 new secondary schools, up-gradation of 50 Girls Middle Schools and 50 High Schools, establishment of IT Laboratories in 500 High and Higher Secondary Schools, establishment of 500 Community Schools for Elementary Education, launching of School Feeding Program with a cost of 100 million rupees, conducting survey to compile the exact data of children not attending schools, provision of new furniture, construction of Elementary Education Foundation Building, establishment of new public sector colleges on need basis.
We are unable to provide you exact data of affected villagers since we are still conducting a survey of areas but the damage is huge," said state disaster management's special secretary Anirudh Kumar.
Owing to this, there is a need for a personalised intelligence solution that can analyse the exact data sets and variables of interest for an organisation and provide a comprehensive view of the market, competitors, customers, and the industry.
Muhammad Sultan said that there was no exact data available as how much people were the mental and Psychological patients in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adding that the recent survey in Chitral as 35 to 40 percent female were facing psychological disorder as there was no facility of treatment available to them.
In the past, collecting and storing information was expensive, so the emphasis was on obtaining exact data through sampling and pinpointing the reason behind what the samples told us.
Its database can also be patchy, so you might not find the exact data you need.
Included call tracking allows you to see the exact data and results of your campaigns (and record and listen to sales calls), which lets you quality-check for better results as the results come in, as well as in the future.
com)-- Exact Data ConsumerBase LLC, a multi-channel mailing list provider located in Chicago, IL, officially launched its new website under its new moniker on Friday.
Exact data on the number of casualties is impossible to ascertain since the U.
In each printed instance, it is set in its final form (so it defines itself) by the editor of the publication where it is to appear, the exact data used to correspond in each specific instance to the specific fact(s) of its published appearance.
Referring to another point she further stressed the need of maintaining exact data of the children, who could not availed the benefits of polio vaccination till yet.