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They were disputing, as far as he could make out, as to the interpretation to be put on the act and the exact meaning of the words: "liable to be called up for trial.
As monsieur is a foreigner, I say, it is perhaps he who does not catch my exact meaning.
At the same time I confess that I have a prejudice against certain words that I cannot overcome; the sight of some offends me, the sound of others, and rather than use one of those detested vocables, even when I perceive that it would convey my exact meaning, I would cast about long for some other.
I am afraid I have failed to convey my exact meaning to you," she said.
Her last sleep, I won't say of innocence--that word would not render my exact meaning, because it has a special meaning of its own--but I will say: of that ignorance, or better still, of that unconsciousness of the world's ways, the unconsciousness of danger, of pain, of humiliation, of bitterness, of falsehood.
She meant `facinating', but as Grace didn't know the exact meaning of either word, fastidious sounded well and made a good impression.
To determine its exact meaning I have been obliged to work out the present prices of the investments with which it is concerned.
While there may be a debate about the exact meaning of the "rule of law", there is a general agreement that it involves a transparent courts system free from governmental or political interference.
It's the same old song, but with the same exact meaning since you've been gone.
The exact meaning of Xi's new banner term is not yet clear, although it is not unusual for Communist Party leaders to announce lofty slogans and then fill in the details as they go.
The late, great pioneer of Arabic literary translation, Denys Johnson-Davies, once told me of what he saw as the translator's plight: that while the writer could let the words flow and allow the subtext to emerge subconsciously, and readers could skim over parts they didn't understand, the "poor translator" was the only person who had to fathom the exact meaning of every word, in order to best render the nuances of the writer's intention for the reader to digest.
At Wednesday's STL hearing, the exact meaning of Article 335 was expanded upon by Judge Ralph Riachi, STL's vice president.