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At the same time I confess that I have a prejudice against certain words that I cannot overcome; the sight of some offends me, the sound of others, and rather than use one of those detested vocables, even when I perceive that it would convey my exact meaning, I would cast about long for some other.
Her last sleep, I won't say of innocence--that word would not render my exact meaning, because it has a special meaning of its own--but I will say: of that ignorance, or better still, of that unconsciousness of the world's ways, the unconsciousness of danger, of pain, of humiliation, of bitterness, of falsehood.
As monsieur is a foreigner, I say, it is perhaps he who does not catch my exact meaning.
These subtitles, in some cases, force the viewer to refer to the English expression in order to determine their exact meaning.
The diacritics help the speech recognition software because it helps give the exact meaning, thus giving it a high level of accuracy.
And Microsoft has already confirmed with Eurogamer that this is the exact meaning of what "Xbox cloud" is.
Owain, who now lives in Cardiff, will be speaking to the Psychiatrist Dr Ceri Evans, who will be explaining the exact meaning of depression, and discussing treatments.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Turkish Language Association (TDK) has said the word "ucube" (freak or monstrosity) is not an insult, in response to a court that asked for the exact meaning of this word which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an used to describe a statue in the eastern province of Kars in 2011.
While the concept of resilience has rapidly become deeply embedded in the discourse of conservation and sustainable development, there is as yet little agreement as to its exact meaning.
One should not be too obsessed with the dates and their exact meaning for the history of modern Europe (after all, the Great War had already begun in 1914 and the European Coal and Steel Community, precursor to the EEC, was established in 1951).
With such different backgrounds, it is unsurprising that the various thinkers' ideas on the exact meaning of "dialogue" may be different.
from the hellbent, or the exact meaning of guidance.