exact moment

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References in classic literature ?
He was the most deliberate person in the world, yet always reached his destination at the exact moment.
Consequently, their arrival on the lunar disc could not take place until the 5th of December at twelve at night, at the exact moment when the moon should be full, and not on the
The Pumpkinhead was pitched high into the air, and his history would probably have ended at that exact moment had not the Tin Woodman skillfully caught the pumpkin as it descended and saved it from injury.
Your common sense will, I am sure, sustain my objection and realize that it was better that I should direct my own movements and appear only at the exact moment when my presence was needed.
According to Lady Ruth's evidence," he said thoughtfully, "her husband entered the room at the exact moment when she was rejecting Wingrave's advances, and indignantly refusing a check which he was endeavoring to persuade her to accept.
Why he should have chosen the exact moment when I was deceiving him to give me that proof of his good opinion, is beyond all comprehension
He drank and put down the glass with a composed face; but his hand had started at the exact moment when he became conscious of a face looking in through the garden window just behind the Admiral-- the face of a woman, swarthy, with southern hair and eyes, and young, but like a mask of tragedy.
In your place I would send someone there to keep watch, so as to seize the exact moment when she steps out of the house.
leaning his forehead on his hand, now and then, and again looking steadily and gravely at the backs of the two men at the next table, with so little self- consciousness that she could almost watch his mind placing one thought solidly upon the top of another; she thought that she could feel him thinking, through the shade of her fingers, and she could anticipate the exact moment when he would put an end to his thought and turn a little in his chair and say:
At the exact moment Trent was ready for the challenge, he made a cut-back and in the next moment he shoots.
Jamie said: "At that exact moment he was giving a Range Rover Evoque a parking ticket.
A dramatic video footage shows the exact moment a 40 car pileup unfolded on a snowy Michigan interstate highway.