exact statement

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Lydgate, I should desire to know the truth without reservation, and I appeal to you for an exact statement of your conclusions: I request it as a friendly service.
Well, to say 'in a moment' is an exaggeration perhaps; but that everything was over in just twenty-four hours is an exact statement. Fyne was able to tell me all about it; and the phrase that would depict the nature of the change best is: an instant and complete destitution.
"It is hardly an exact statement of the case," said the prince in reply.
That's exactly what happened the next day; the Secretary General of the UN issued the exact statement - word for word!
The king expects the commission to fulfill its mandate impartially and objectively by providing an exact statement of the state of affairs, 'as painful as it may be.' The commission will also be expected to deliver bold and insightful solutions.
In September, the reprimand alleges that Schildknecht told an assistant district attorney that his beard made him "look like a Muslim." Schildknecht told the commission that she did not remember making that exact statement, but conceded that the situation "seemed faintly familiar."
And yet, I've read that exact statement on my news feed countless times, written by someone I barely know.
They usually say that Al-Qaeda is a threat, but this exact statement [reflects a change].
Another way suppliers help clients evade taxes is by providing them with an exact statement of the content of containers while reducing the prices of shipped goods, which consequently would be subject to a lower VAT.
<The wizards foretold a great war.> predict is used for a fairly exact statement that is the result of the gathering of information and the use of scientific methods.
I remember when, at his convention, my son argued that states should not be allowed to "quit the country," for it would be the same as if his friend, David, "quit their clubhouse and took the building with him." (1) Although the founding fathers would not have made this exact statement, it was a great indicator to me as a teacher.