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Every one knew these details because the chevalier exacted the utmost secrecy from the persons to whom he first confided them.
The change that had come over Villefort during the examination, the destruction of the letter, the exacted promise, the almost supplicating tones of the magistrate, who seemed rather to implore mercy than to pronounce punishment, -- all returned with a stunning force to his memory.
I think you ought to do nothing, since you exacted a promise from these gentlemen not to let Mazarin know that we were in France.
Julia had too much consideration to let her young sisters into the secret of my price--for this would have been teaching a premature lesson in extravagance; but, having permitted them to gratify their curiosity, she exacted of them both promises not to speak of me to their governess.
My afternoons were spent also in college, with the exception of an hour that my wife daily exacted of me for her establishment, and with which she would not dispense.
A good deal of higgling about the price of the choicest bird had taken place between Billy Kirby and its owner before Natty and his companions rejoined the sportsmen It had, however, been settled at one shilling * a shot, which was the highest sum ever exacted, the black taking care to protect himself from losses, as much as possible, by the conditions of the sport.
When she handed me over her store of six hundred gulden I exacted two conditions --namely, that I should not go halves with her in her winnings, if any (that is to say, I should not take anything for myself), and that she should explain to me, that same evening, why it was so necessary for her to win, and how much was the sum which she needed.
Her visitors were numerous and extremely loquacious, and they exacted much of their hostess's attention.
Hence those vows of fidelity exacted upon a Testament, and hence also the allusions to a possibility of something happening on the very morning of the wedding.
Archer's New York tolerated hypocrisy in private relations; but in business matters it exacted a limpid and impeccable honesty.