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This slavish homage, instead of softening my heart, only pampered whatever was stern and exacting in its mood.
When we separated he had such confidence in me that he wished on security, no evidence of the trust, even had there been time or convenience for exacting it.
I," said his Chief, Exacting and brief, "I'll give him the spur.
My dear Alicia,--You are very good in taking notice of Frederica, and I am grateful for it as a mark of your friendship; but as I cannot have any doubt of the warmth of your affection, I am far from exacting so heavy a sacrifice.
He had no claim on her, but he could not help being exacting.
Meantime, I searched, with great interest, the advertising columns of the newspapers, and wrote answers to every 'Wanted a Governess' that appeared at all eligible; but all my letters, as well as the replies, when I got any, were dutifully shown to my mother; and she, to my chagrin, made me reject the situations one after another: these were low people, these were too exacting in their demands, and these too niggardly in their remuneration.
I have known several among the higher ranks who treated their governesses quite as one of the family; though some, I allow, are as insolent and exacting as any one else can be: for there are bad and good in all classes.
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