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Instead, she exactingly reads the constellation of the film's text (dialogue) and intertext (Koran) as a form of prayer, lament, invocation, and accusation against the maltreatment of female bodies as implicitly sanctioned by sharia law, texts from the Koran, and ultimately Allah.
As discussed above, even if a laboratory exactingly controls the manufacturing process during the expansion of MSCs, injecting MSCs poses significant risks to patients.
In the case of Iran, the overriding strategic objective of current US policy has been made exactingly clear by President Obama and Vice President Biden.
It was Linke''s exactingly high standards in materials and workmanship that made his pieces so desirable.
Through his ten collections of poems, Carl Phillips has fashioned himself as our great searching poet of ambivalence--ambivalence conceived not (as we sometimes use the word) as signifying vague or unformed feelings, but instead opposing desires held in suspension, exactingly measured and found to be of equal weight.
10) These trials also appeared to be in direct conflict with guidelines for international research published by the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (1993, Guideline 11), which stated that the ethical standards should be applied no less exactingly than they would be in the sponsoring or initiating country.
So she performs the ritual as exactingly as she can.
Military courts have exactingly enforced the requirements for a
85) dethrones any authoritative account or trial of the fair's events, through this invitation Jonson creatively bursts open the theatre of judgment his dramaturgy has so exactingly created.
This has big implications for how we experience ourselves, or more exactingly, our 'self-in-relation-to-thegeneralised-other'.
Even by Bon Jovi's exactingly poor standards, this is total trousers.
I reject the idea that because you can talk about religious truths more exactingly that you have gained any more intellectual insight into them," he continues.