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EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

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exacting property for the public benefit without evidence that the development causes the need for the exaction, not a suspect type of condition.
270) An exaction is a required concession imposed upon developers who are granted zoning benefits.
But if one applies Fischel's own "real world" approach to the facts in Nollan, it is clear that the proposed exaction "took" nothing of value.
106) A property owner can be forced to relinquish property without compensation in order to qualify for a government benefit only if the exaction demanded is both proportional and closely connected to the "benefit" sought.
79 (297) was on the high side, and thus one can understand why Chief Justice Taft and his colleagues may have regarded it as a "heavy exaction.
Berusconi is on trial on charges of underage prostitution and exaction (bribery).
It is, therefore, as a matter of law, an illegal exaction.
It defines a tax as "any levy, charge, or exaction of any kind imposed by a local government.
Ross asserts that a mandatory housing program is not an exaction or impact fee, but is merely a land use regulation which should not be subject to the dual rational nexus test.
For the most part the development standards update is well settled, but the county has not taken on Section 10 of those regulations which address the exaction issue.
the exaction of land and interests in land from those who would convert
The intent of these reforms was ``with public servants whose sole thought is the good of the State, the prosperity of the State is assured, exaction and extortion from the people will be at an end.