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EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

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Initially, we organized the state court decisions in terms of the classification system suggested by the Court's opinions--a category for per se takings claims based on permanent physical invasions; another for per se takings claims based on wipeouts not arising from common law nuisance regulation; a third for cases involving ad hoc review; and a fourth for exaction cases.
Under the Constitution's original legal force, this exaction would not qualify as a tax because it could not raise significant revenue.
While exaction issues still result in developer complaints, UMAM combines with more tightly drawn hydrologic basins to substantially reduce the likelihood of state and regional water district exaction-based takings exposure as in Koontz.
Instead, he reviewed the features of the Child Labor Tax that had prompted Chief Justice Taft and his colleagues to conclude that the measure imposed a regulatory penalty, and then offered several distinctions between the ACA and the earlier exaction.
In Washington state, this idea is codified in state law and further demands that it is up to the jurisdiction requesting such an exaction to demonstrate it is "reasonably necessary as a direct result of the development.
The 76-year-old media mogul is accused of underage prostitution and exaction (bribery).
We continue to believe that the 10-cent bag 'charge' is a violation of Proposition 26, which mandates that 'any levy, charge or exaction of any kind imposed by a local government' must be approved by local voters.
To determine whether the monetary exaction from individuals who refuse to purchase health insurance was legitimate, the Court had to determine if the exaction was an enforced contribution to provide for the support of the government (a tax) or merely an exaction imposed as punishment for an unlawful act (a penalty).
Exaction is the approach to any talmudic statement which assumes that there is a logically compelling reason for that statement to be made.
He also warned against what would happen to "Dignite," the only ship of the flotilla that managed to leave Greece, especially in light of Israeli exaction against last year's "Liberte 1" caravan.
ISAF neither disclosed the exaction location of the incident nor the nationality of the service member in line with policy.
Subjects include perceptual anisotropy in visual processing of naturalistic broadcast stimuli in the horizontal affect, large-scale and small-scale functional organization of visual field representations in humans, and integration model for complex visual analysis of the inferotemporal cortex, investigation of the activated human primary visual cortex, the role of corollary discharge signals in visual perception, potentials in the primary visual cortex, the neurophysiology of neocortical information processing, an exaction model using a coupled neural network, the effects of certain retinal diseases, and awareness of the sensory effects of the primary visual cortex.