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EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

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57) The standards they establish are sui generis, applicable only to exactions.
Finally, the text imposed an apportionment rule on direct taxes and a uniformity requirement on other financial exactions.
161) Like those exactions, the Marihuana Tax was "a legitimate exercise of the taxing power despite its collateral regulatory purpose and effect.
In Washington state, this idea is codified in state law and further demands that it is up to the jurisdiction requesting such an exaction to demonstrate it is "reasonably necessary as a direct result of the development.
As Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito wrote in dissent: "We have never held that any exactions imposed for violation of the law is an exercise of Congress' taxing power--even when the statute calls it a tax, much less when [as here] the statute repeatedly calls it a penalty.
It has decided to collectively punish all the population and to silence through the most violent means journalists witnessing the exactions," it added.
While Syria "witnessed undeniably the most violent exactions," including the murder of one journalist and the attack on another, several censorship cases were recorded in Lebanon.
The first session of the congress has been an occasion to review journalism in Tunisia under the former regime, underlining the exactions committed against some journalists during the practice of their professional duties.
The director of the archaeological exactions at the Chehrabad Salt Mine, Abolfazl Aali, said, "A contract has been signed with a private company to make four cases, which will be equipped with an anti-moisture system.
There are telling passages on court anticlericalism, the 'false panacea' of Richard's treasure, and the credit in loyalty and respect that princes must set against exactions from their subjects.
Finally: "Any citizen of any county, city or town may institute suit, in behalf of himself and all others interested, to protect the inhabitants thereof against the enforcement of any illegal exactions whatever.