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EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

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Pour rappel, le Haut Commissariat de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour les droits de l'Homme ayant qualifie de [beaucoup moins que]nettoyage ethnique[beaucoup plus grand que], donc de [beaucoup moins que]crime contre l'humanite[beaucoup plus grand que], les exactions commises par l'armee birmane contre la minorite musulmane des Rohingyas cantonnee dans l'Etat d'Arakan a l'Ouest du pays, l'O.
Exactions are local government measures requiring land developers to provide goods and services, or pay money (impact fees) as a condition of project approval.
10) The Constitution also authorized Congress to impose financial exactions.
Exactions and Impact Fees in California, third edition
The majority held that monetary exactions were subject to the "rough proportionality" and "essential nexus" tests established for other development exactions by Nollan v.
The composition took the form of a tri-partite arrangement between the English crown, the local lords and the lesser freeholders whereby all of the former exactions levied by the lords were replaced by two fixed charges: an annual levy of 10s payable to the crown from every quarter of inhabitable land, and a second annual levy payable to the local overlord by the inhabitants of every inhabited quarter.
It came after President Francois Hollande spoke for a second time in days with Kurdish Regional Government President Massoud Barzani, assuring him that France "will stand by the civilian population, victims of continued exactions.
Des drapeaux palestiniens et tunisiens ont ete brandis et des slogans reclamant la cessation des raids et des exactions contre les Palestiniens ont ete entonnes.
We will also use social networking sites to protest against PhilHealth's move as well as other state exactions.
1) Occasionally these exactions were challenged before the Supreme Court, and the Justices permitted this indirect fiscal regulation of such "local" activities as the production of oleomargarine colored to resemble butter, (2) the intrastate distribution of narcotics, (3) and the intrastate sale of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.
La poursuite en Espagne des dirigeants du Polisario pour "genocide et violations graves des droits de l'Homme a Tindouf" requiert de l'Union Africaine (UA) et des pays qui abritent ces tortionnaires, ainsi que des institutions democratiques internationales comme le Parlement europeen de "revoir leur calculs" et d'"interpeller" l'Algerie sur ces "graves" exactions commises sur son territoire contre des "innocents desarmes", pour la simple raison d'avoir manifeste des opinions opposees a la direction de Rabouni, a souligne Mustapha Salma, dans une declaration envoyee mardi a MAP-Madrid.
Douglas County is the most famous for killing projects by demanding these exactions, and equally famous for completely ignoring the Nollan-Dolan doctrine.