exactly alike

See: identical
References in classic literature ?
It has fifty millions of inhabitants, and as the colour of the Filthy Pool does not wash off, they all look exactly alike.
He is never pedantic, and, for all his close adherence to broad principles, he is ready to admit that no two ships can be treated exactly alike.
All the piglets are exactly alike, so no one can dispute your word.
They are exactly alike," he said, presenting one to each of the two principals--for by this time the dullest observer would have understood the nature of this meeting.
In monstrous plants, we often get direct evidence of the possibility of one organ being transformed into another; and we can actually see in embryonic crustaceans and in many other animals, and in flowers, that organs, which when mature become extremely different, are at an early stage of growth exactly alike.
You have often heard of twins who were so exactly alike that when dressed alike their own parents could not tell them apart.
Ferguson had a friend--not another self, indeed, an alter ego, for friendship could not exist between two beings exactly alike.
I declare,' said my mother, gently, 'they are exactly alike.
van der Luyden were so exactly alike that Archer often wondered how, after forty years of the closest conjugality, two such merged identities ever separated themselves enough for anything as controversial as a talking-over.
how the differences between different chemical elements can be accounted for by differences of physical structure, the constituents of the structure being electrons which are exactly alike in all kinds of matter.
They were exactly alike, from one end of the line to the other, and all were cut out of paper and joined together in the centers of their bodies.
I called my parrot after him because their noses were exactly alike.