exactly like

See: same
References in classic literature ?
Dear father, I wish for eleven girls exactly like myself in face, figure, and size.
And then he showed me a new act he liked," recalls Light, now 43, "and they were exactly like Hootie and the Blowfish.
Fascinatin' Rhythm and Exactly Like You earned only lukewarm reviews.
It so happens that Patricia Birch, the veteran choreographer-director who has won two Emmys and been nominated for four Tonys, was involved in Parade, Band in Berlin, and Exactly Like You.
And while Chuck Berry and Bayles can see links in his music to previous jazz and blues styles, it is also undeniable that it doesn't sound exactly like that old stuff.
Actually those relationships, exactly like the relationships in Far From Denmark or Ashton's The Dream (also on view at Kennedy Center), are remarkably clear.