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After reviewing enterprise on-premise ERP solutions from SAP, Microsoft and Exactus, BioPak quickly realised the scalability benefits of NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite to support its future expansion plans both regionally and globally.
exactus tenui pumice versus eat, quo me Fama levat terra sublimis, et a me nata coronatis Musa triumphat equis.
This year's finalists were Datalogic, Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions (EPS), Exactus and Log Cubes.
According to the election affidavit filed by the Nationalist Congress Party ( NCP) president, his investments and assets included shares in Panchshil Hotels Ltd, Baramati Agro Limited, Exactus Corporation Ltd, Karha Developers and Miners Pvt.
Sed sicut ad haec facienda aliquoties proni, sic ad eadem pervertenda semper fuere praecipites, non sit ut satis aestimare, ad utrum horum faciliores verius diei possint; quippe cure post inchoatum cure eis bellum vix ullus annus exactus sit, quo non ab eis huiuscemodi facta sit permutatio.
Por otro lado, Exactus llegaba aun segmento de companias mas grandes; la consolidacion nos ayudo a ofrecer una solucion para cada tamano de organizacion", comento el director general de Softland, Hector Ochoa.
Summary: Business Systems Group (BSG), the regional competency center for Exactus Systems Inc.
13) The section contains some rare trade terms (cocionari, exactus ['hapax']), clarified in notes 210 and 216, and an apt use of 'praesens pro futuro' (nn.
Exactus Software, Avantica Technologies and Isthmus sponsored the event.
This was a great drawback around the end of the 1980s, when many clients in countries like Nicaragua, Mexico or Peru had to deal with huge figures because of hyperinflation," says Sequeira, now president of Exactus Software Corp.
Esto era un gran impedimento a finales de los anos 80 porque muchos clientes en Nicaragua, Mexico o Peru tenian que manejar cifras exorbitantes debido a la hiperinflacion", dice Sequeira, hoy presidente de Exactus Software Corp.