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After all, people exaggerated the difficulty of life.
I don't know how Rodya repeated them to you, perhaps he exaggerated.
He could not have exaggerated them, except at your instigation.
He has evidently taken part of his ideas concerning it from the representations of others, who have somewhat exaggerated its features.
Master Charmolue exhibited an alarming note book, and began to read, with many gestures and the exaggerated accentuation of the pleader, an oration in Latin, wherein all the proofs of the suit were piled up in Ciceronian periphrases, flanked with quotations from Plautus, his favorite comic author.
His imagination presented her to him now with her defects of person and manner exaggerated, so that he shuddered at the thought of having been connected with her.
As yet, however, there was no reasoning of the matter, and Charles Reade was writing books of tremendous adventure and exaggerated character, which he prided himself on deriving from the facts of the world around him.
Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said: "It is this sort of case, exaggerated claims for DLA, which really annoys the public, really annoys decent honest members of the public, especially those who have genuine health concerns - those who are often fighting for limited funds to assist with real problems.
The post Town planning fire reports exaggerated, minister says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
KARACHI -- Officebearers of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Media Cell Sindh have expressed concern over alleged exaggerated billing to the consumers by Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC).
Trivial issues exaggerated I FOUND the article about Taliesin Care Home (Echo, November 28) both insulting and upsetting.
Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) have made exaggerated claims compared to just seven per cent of employees in the legal sector.