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Your ideas are, of course, most praiseworthy, and in the highest degree patriotic; but you exaggerate the matter terribly.
No, sir, I do not exaggerate, I understate the matter, if anything, undoubtedly understate it; simply because I cannot express myself as I should like, but--"
Playing with proportions can have a surprisingly flattering effect too - a peplum top with its large exaggerated frill exaggerates the hips, making your waist looks smaller for added curve appeal.
The financial market always exaggerates the impact of any geopolitical unrest on the physical oil market even as supply disruptions were always minimal," Van Hulst said.
This cartoon exaggerates reality to comment on the same topic as the News Special on pp.
Murray exaggerates hangdog expressions and Jarmusch also exaggerates the style, setting a slow pace that seems to say very little but, by the end, has told us much more than we realise.