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So, I am very disheartened that a journalist of repute is losing his professionalism by this excessive exaggeration harming the image of this country.
Though nothing would seem further from exaggeration than factuality, the chapter entitled 'Being Guilty: Factuality and Exaggeration' is one of the more compelling of the volume.
This cartoon is an example of hyperbole (hye-PUR-buh-lee)-the intentional use of extravagant exaggeration to make a point.
In 1996, the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs said that a Barton documentary called "America's Godly Heritage" is "laced with exaggerations, half-truths and misstatements of fact.
So you have to give the Liberals credit as their lies, exaggerations and distortions, backed by their ever-present media supporters, did the job.
The way he scrunches his head into his collar, smashing his features together into an unhappy knot, the way he opens his eyes in fear, and the way he wobbles his jowls in smugness, show us exaggerations of ourselves.
The lies, exaggerations, and distortions go way beyond the one in his State of the Union address about uranium from Africa, though that was a whopper.
Biomedical groups' previous estimates of up to $280 million a year to comply with AWA are gross exaggerations offered as a scare tactic, argues Chris Heyde of the Society for Animal Protective Legislation in Washington, D.
My BFF thinks she has to add little lies and exaggerations to every story.
How the press has exaggerated Al Gore's exaggerations
Conversely, well-educated Americans who know all about international banking, but nothing about living on a farm in Idaho, may fall for stupendous exaggerations about evil militia conspiracies.
It exhorts theologians and preachers of the divine word to abstain zealously from all gross exaggerations as well as petty narrow - mindedness in considering the singular dignity of the Mother of God.